Tarot Game

Playing Tarot is very common activity, this game was played by thousands of players around the world. This aims of this site isto give you clues about the values of the Tarot and how to play. Find all the rules of the game of tarot, tricks but also techniques. Also note that there are different variations of tarot and the rules differ depending on the game mode.

Playing tarot online through sites offering tarot game online, just a software installed on your computer, you have to do one thing: Download Tarot Online.

Tarot Online

How to play tarot online ?

You want to play tarot on the internet? nothing could be simpler …

Play online tarot software Tarot, the site offers game rooms online tournaments specialized in online tarot.

First of all you need to download the software tarot, Register, deposit and play directly on the tarot from your computer.

Tarot : Qualities Player

The Tarot is a card game very attractive, you need to be very careful, strategist, observant, smart and able to play as a team. Each part of tarot has to be a moment of good humor, trickery, deceit or speaking are not allowed in the game of Tarot.

The opening game of tarot blog gives you the opportunity to exchange, share, and especially to participate in the life of the Tarot online, all contributions are welcome.

Tarot cards

Your game will allow you to make your bid, according to both good and less ambitious make your listing knowingly. Your game is a fraction of the entire set of tarot cards, each with some points unevenly distributed.

In the Tarot it is always the four color families, each with 14 cards: king, queen, knight, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace

The highest card is the King, the lowest As (1)

To this must be added the 21 Trumps numbered 1 to 21 by order of strength.

On 21 of trump card is the trump card of the game, 1 is small and not forgetting the excuse the seventy eighth game map, these three cards are three pieces of Tarot.

Tarot: History & Origins of the card game

The game of tarot, it may be difficult to imagine today with the rise of poker but the tarot was the precursor of card games to play. In fact, the Tarot came to Europe with the Saracens in the 10th sciècle when they invaded Italy. Until the Renaissance Tarot serves only to predict the future, various blind guess & then use that way, but it will not last.